Psychologist Miami

Miami, Florida: Psychologist in Miami

Sassoon Psychological Services, P.A.

A psychologist who cares will help you work on your mental health difficulties.

Treatment is provided by a counselor with offices in Miami, Florida.

Psychotherapy sessions in Portuguese by a Brazilian psychologist for the Brazilian community in Miami

Please vist our web site for information about services provided and facilities. Sessions also held in Spanish and French.

Treatment for anxiety disorders, mood disorders, relationship issues, professional problems and sexual issues

Psychologist in Miami

Psicólogo brasileiro em Miami

Sessões em Portugues para clientes da comunidade brasileiro de <iami, Florida.

Tratmento para transtornos de ansiedade (síndrome do pânico, agorafobia), depressão, problemas de relacionamento,

problemas profissionais e dificuldades sexuais.

Please do not hesitate to contact this counselor if you have any question

Call at (305) 933-9362 to schedule an office appointment in Miami